Aquaman battling his archnemesis

Real Name: Orin, Arthur Curry
AKA: King of Atlantis, "That" Superhero
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Justice League (Earth One)
Relatives: Mera (wife)
Gender: AquaMANLY
Occupation: King of Atlantis
Education: Fish Schools
Species: Half Human, Half Atlantean
Home: Atlantis
Likes: Fish Food
Dislikes: Pollution
Universe: Earth One
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You bring upon yourself the wrath of the sea!

–Aquaman throwing dead fish at water skiers

Aquaman is a half-Atlantian half-Human who used to rule Atlantis. After being rejected by both the surface-dwellers and the Atlantians, Aquaman became a B-list superhero that tags along with the likes of Superman and Batman as a publicity stunt to make people think he's cool. He is currently fighting a great war against Namor for the throne of Atlantis.


Aquaman is a happy go-lucky buffoon that likes to have drinking parties and challenge people to royal duels. He's no longer royal and has yet to win a royal duel, but he continues to challenge people anyways. Aquaman is never let down, no matter how futile his efforts are in a particular situation. Aquaman once went toe to toe with Galactus and just laughed as he was annihilated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Atlantean Physiology: Aquaman, being half Atlantean, has a small portion of the powers that you would expect from an Atlantean.
    • Breathing: Being an Atlantean, Aquaman can breathe. He can breathe when he's in the water, and he can breathe when he's not in the water. I take back everything I ever said about Aquaman. He's awesome!
    • Talking to Fish: As he is a member of the Atlantean Royal Family, Aquaman shares a strong bond with fish. He may have betrayed most of these fish at some time in his life, but the ones that don't want his guts splattered on the ocean floor will gladly serve him as brave fish warriors.


Aquaman Drowning

Aquaman's swimming abilities

  • Swimming: Aquaman can swim at an intermediate level. While impressive for a human, this poses a problem when you live underwater.


  • Dryness: If Aquaman stays dry for too long, he will die. Batman declared himself awesome, and takes it upon himself to keep Aquaman wet at all times. Despite Aquaman's complaints, Batman continues in his attempts to make Aquaman wet.
  • Pollution: Water pollution has presented quite a threat in Aquaman's past.