Batman 1

Batman #1 is the first comic book that's about BATMAN. It's cool because it has BATMAN in it. BATMAN is better than Superman. This comic almost makes up for the Superman comics.

Batman vs. The CaperEdit


Batman is exploring an abandoned building when suddenly, ninjas attack! Batman is awesome, so he fights off the ninjas using his bat-ninja repellent. Then he shoots at all the ninjas because he hasn't decided to be a wimp about guns yet. The ninjas die, and Batman continues searching the building.

He keeps searching until eventually he finds a sandwich. Assuming it must be a clue, he eats the sandwich. He begins to feel nauseous and passes out. He wakes up three hours later in a dungeon. He's tied to the wall, handcuffed, bolted down, and superglued in place. Hugo Strange begins to gloat as he has caught the Batman! Then Batman just gets up and punches Strange in the face.

Batman then goes to his Batcave. While Alfred gets him another sandwich, Batman figures out the caper. It was Hugo Strange! Feeling good about himself, he eats the sandwich and wakes up three hours later in another dungeon.


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