Batman 10

Batman #10 is a most elegant masterpiece, and possibly one of the most beautiful works of art to ever bless us with its presence. This is because it is the first comic book where Batman gets kicked in the nuts.

Robin and PenguinEdit


Batman decides Robin needs to "be a real man", and sends him out to go buy a case of beers. Every bar in Gotham kicks Robin out, so Robin heads over to the Iceberg Lounge. The guys at the Iceberg lounge lost their ability to give a crap some time ago, so they sell the small child some beer. Robin is about to leave when he notices a bunch of guys playing cards.

Robin is dealt in, and he sees that he has the worst possible cards in the game. He goes all-in because he be a stupid little shithead. By some miracle, he wins. The owner of the lounge, The Penguin, notices this. He walks over, and smashes Robin's kneecap in. The Penguin demands to know what's happening. Robin points out that he is currently laying in agony and possibly suffering from serious internal bleeding. This earns him a bullet in the foot.

At this point the Batman breaks into the building so he can laugh at Robin while he suffers.


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