Batman #3 is a comic book about Batman and Calendar Man. It also has Alfred Pennyworth in it, but Alfred isn't cool until Batman 5.

The Calendar ManEdit


Batman is exploring the deep African wilderness when he realizes he forgot his dinner back in Gotham. He calls Alfred for a ride, and Alfred drives out to Africa to pick him up. Of course, Batman goes wherever he wants whenever he wants, and was already back in Gotham by the time Alfred made it to Africa. With Alfred out of the way, Batman throws a huge drinking party in Wayne Manor and gets really drunk.

It is at this point that Calendar Man emerges from the crowd. He declares that it's Arbor Day, and he is using this holiday to take over the world! Batman doesn't know what Arbor Day is, so he decides to make up a new holiday. He makes "Beat Up Calendar Man Day". Everyone who beats up Calendar Man gets free candy from Bruce Wayne. Calendar Man, excited for the new holiday, beats Calendar Man to death.

Bruce Wayne then hops by in an Easter Bunny costume, poops candy onto Calendar Man, and then hops off into the darkness to seek great bunny adventures.


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