Batman #4 is an action-packed comic book about Batman! This is also the first comic book to feature Robin, so we are sad now.

The Boy WonderEdit


Bruce Wayne is at the circus when Dick Grayson, one of the performers (who couldn't be older than 14), asked for his autograph. Wayne laughed at the little clown boy and dropkicked him across the tent. Then a bunch of gangstas came in and killed the little clown boy's parents. The little clown boy started crying, so Wayne laughed at him for being a little baby clown boy. Then Wayne adopted the boy so he could laugh at him forever.

The gangstas decided they wanted Grayson dead, so they broke into Wayne Manor and started shooting. Grayson was hit in the leg by a stray bullet. Wayne laughed at the dying little baby clown boy. That's when Alfred politely reminded Wayne to be Batman before they all died. The dying little baby clown boy overheard this conversation, and realized Bruce Wayne was Batman. Grayson fashioned a suit of his own out of curtains and duct tape, and then used his acrobat skills to beat up the gangstas while Batman tried to figure out how to tie a tie.



  • This was the last comic to feature a tie on the batsuit.
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