Batman 5

Batman #5 is the first comic book appearance of Catwoman and the Batmobile.

The CatEdit


Batman is crying about how he has no parents when he gets a report of a burglary in progress. He jumps in to the Batmobile, and shoots off to the museum. Robin, who Batman has conveniently forgotten about, is forced to run to the crime scene across town. Batman arrives at the museum, and sees a cat burglar scaling the wall.

Batman politely asks the cat burglar to stop. She laughs. Batman, angry that she did not listen, begins to jump up and down. Alfred pulls up in Bruce's Ford and asks him what he's doing. "I'm a bat." Batman said. "I can fly." Batman keeps hopping up and down. Alfred, tired of Master Wayne's crap, runs inside the museum, sees The Cat, and throws a Batarang at her. Alfred then karate kicks her out the window down on the ground below.

After stepping outside, he notices thatTthe Cat is gone. When he inquires, Batman simply says "She was hot so I let her go." Alfred decks Batman in the face, and gives the out-of-breath Robin a ride home. Batman was grounded for three whole weeks after this incident.


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