Batman 6

Batman #6 is a comic book in the Batman line of comic books.

Batman's ConundrumEdit


Bruce Wayne is screaming at a lowly intern when suddenly, the Bat Signal lights up. Bruce makes some excuse about leaving to not be Batman, and then meets with Gordon on top of the Gotham City Police Headquarters. Gordon informs Batman of a bomb threat that was recently made, and a riddle that was left alongside. Batman returns to Wayne Manor to think when Alfred immediately solves the riddle. Batman pouts and mutters something about how he could have done that if he wanted to. Then he dashes to Gotham Square, the answer of the riddle.

As soon as he gets there, a cage falls on him, trapping the Batman! The Riddler steps out at this time and announces his brilliance to the world, for he had defeated the Batman! Though his daddy issues were not resolved, at least he had actually accomplished something in his pathetic life! During his monologue, Batman had escaped the cage and decked Riddler in the face.


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