Batman 9

Batman #9 is a legendary tale about a legendary man doing legendary things.

Crisis of the CatwomanEdit


Robin is in time-out when he sees the Bat-Signal light up. Batman, too busy playing with his building blocks, fails to notice. Robin tries to warn Batman, but fails after Batman orders Alfred to administer a sedative. With Robin safely knocked out, it takes Batman another forty minutes and seven pages to realize that the Bat-Signal is on.

Batman drives down to the GCPD Headquarters where Gordon informs him that The Catwoman has stolen several million dollars worth of goods. Batman likes goods, so he goes out and steals some goods of his own. He then realizes he just stole three hundred dollars worth of adult videos and canned bread. He decides it could be worse and goes home.

A few hours later, Batman is still enjoying his new stuff when Catwoman breaks into Wayne Manor! They have an epic battle that rages across the whole mansion. Eventually Batman gets tired and goes back to his movie. Catwoman steals the sliced bread and runs off into the night.


Batman Sing-A-LongEdit

Batman and Robin are patrolling New York City for some reason when they decide to break into song about how awesome New Jersey is. The reader is forced to sing along with Batman on threat of death until Batman finally gets chased out of New York by an angry mob.



  • The Sing-A-Long probably would have been more effective if you could actually sing along with a bunch of paper.
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