Batman v. The Universe was a landmark case that changed many Great Laws and forever altered the act of being a superhero. The case was opened shortly after Batman started his superhero career. The case's effects can still be seen today all across the world.


Law of Abnormality and Law of OrphanageEdit

The most obvious changes were those to the Law of Abnormality. Previously, one could only be a superhero if they had a distinct trait that rendered them abnormal. Batman, however, had no such trait. He challenged this construct and the Law of Abnormality was amended so it did not restrict others from becoming superheroes. It was also split, creating the Law of Orphanage.

Law of SidekicksEdit

When Batman first started his career as Batman, he worked alone. But it was not long before he took in a sidekick, Robin. This seemed okay at first, but then he began including other sidekicks. The Law of Sidekicks initially allowed only one sidekick per superhero, but Batman pushed to allow two, eventually removing the limit altogether.