One of the smartest aliens in the universe.

Real Name: Vril Dox
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Unusual Features: Green Skin
Occupation: Nerd
Education: Everything
Species: Coluan
Home: Colu
Likes: Knowledge
Dislikes: Stupid People
1st Appearance: Superman 7
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What is potty training?

–Brainiac answering a question on Jeopardy!

Brainiac is a super-smart alien from the planet Colu. This makes him sorta like Superman because they're both aliens, except they're absolutely nothing alike in any other way. Brainiac has become one of Superman's most dangerous enemies, despite the fact that he is a bald guy that can't take a punch. Remind us of anyone?


First Fight With SupermanEdit

Brainiac first fought with Superman on the set of Jeopardy! The two had squared off, but both lost in Final Jeopardy! Brainiac killed the winner, so Superman started fighting him. The two fought for a while, but then it turns out Brainiac is weak so he lost.

Brainiac returned to Earth shortly afterward, only to freak out and fly away when Superman looked at him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Smart Guy Stuff: Brainiac, as you may have guessed by now, can actually do smart guy stuff.
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