Captain America
Captain America


Real Name: Steve Rogers
AKA: Cap
Alignment: AMERICA
Affiliation: AMERICA
Relatives: United States of America (wife)
Gender: Male
Unusual Features: American
Occupation: Soldier, Superhero
Education: Military Training
Species: American
Home: America
Likes: America
Dislikes: Nazis
1st Appearance: Captain America 1
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I kill you in the name of America!

–Captain America

Captain America would like you to know that he is an American. Born Steve Rogers, he loved America so much he took drugs so he could protect America. Now he is super strong and fast, all for his love of America. Everything he does is for America. Captain America is the American hero of America.


Operation RebirthEdit

Steve Rogers used to be a little wimp that could not fight for America. But then he decided he wanted to fight for America, so he did the most American thing possible: he took steroids. Now he is big and strong, and he can fight for America.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Super Strength: Captain America is super strong. He is so strong, he can punch Hitler in the face.
  • Super Speed: Though he is not as fast as any of the other running-type superheroes, Captain America is still really fast. At a run, he can keep up with a car (though it's usually being driven by some old grandma that forgot how to drive).


  • Natural Leader: Captain America loves America, and will lead others in the name of America. Only if they're American though.
  • Shield Skills: Captain America can beat people up using his magic shield. He can also block stuff with it, but he never does that.
  • Fighting Skills: Captain America has "mad fighting skillz". He can take on several trained opponents at the same time. He has yet to figure out how to stop guys that have guns.


Captain America Stupid

Captain America's confusion in effect

  • Easily Confused: Captain America is a good guy, but he's easily confused. Or if you want to be honest, he's just stupid.
  • Unhealthy Obsession with America: In case you have not noticed by now, Captain America kinda has a thing for America.


  • Captain America loves America.