Captain America 1

Captain America #1 is the first comic book to ever feature Captain America. It was originally made as propaganda for World War II, but then the writers decided to keep it as a permanent series because they liked watching a guy on steroids punching Nazis.

Operation RebirthEdit


Steve Rogers decides to go to the movies to watch an inferior black and white film. Instead of playing the film, they choose to play wartime propaganda instead. Rogers, being the gullible child that he is, actually listens to the propaganda. He decides he has a deathwish and joins the army.

He has to wait in line for three hours. When he finally gets to the front of the line, he is kicked out for being a wimp. Then they take him out to the alley and beat him up. They didn't have to beat him up, but it wasn't like he was suddenly going to get all big and tough on the next page or anything.

Meanwhile, a German scientist who is not a Nazi we swear was developing a Super Soldier Serum. He kidnaps Rogers off the street and gives him the serum. Rogers gets super big and strong, and then he beats everyone up for making fun of him.


Fighting in FranceEdit


After getting super strong, Rogers applies to the army again. They are about to approve him when he kicks them in the face and steals the plane that is conveniently parked out back. He is three miles over the Atlantic Ocean when he realizes he doesn't have the slightest idea of how to fly a plane. He crashlands into the ocean, but then swims to France because he's awesome now. Then he punches Nazis because AMERICA.


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