Captain America 2

Attack of Hitler

Captain America #2 is the sequel to the comic book Captain America 1. It is the second book in the Captain America line of comics. It is about stuff happening and then more stuff happening.

Captain America in World War IIEdit


Steve Rogers have been fighting on the front lines in France for three days before he realizes he never actually joined the army. He's just been punching guys for free. He has no problem fighting for AMERICA, but he thinks it would be really cool if he could get a uniform that established him as a proud warrior of AMERICA. He walks/swims over 200 miles to get to the nearest recruitment center in Britain. He is about to sign up, but then he realizes that would make him a British soldier. He gets into a fight, taking down all of the guys in the recruitment center.

Rogers then swims across the Atlantic and gets recruited in the United States Army. He is deployed alongside a squad that he had beat up in London. He beats them all up again and then starts punching Nazis.


Unfit for DutyEdit


In his passion for America, Steve Rogers beats up pretty much every British soldier in the entire war. Deciding he is unfit for duty, he is given a new job. Since he's big and tough, they make him an official tapdancer for the United States Military. He goes around the country tapdancing, then asking people to buy war bonds.

During his first show, he sees Hitler in the audience and beats the crap out of him. It turns out this "Hitler" was actually Charlie Chaplin. Captain America and Chaplin get into an epic fight, until Chaplin ends everything with a laser blast. Nobody knows how he made a laser blast, but he made a laser blast. Rogers lays on the ground in defeat.


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