Captain America 4

Captain America #7 is not this comic book. Captain America #4, on the other hand, is the fourth comic book in the Captain America series of comic books. As you may have guessed, it stars Captain America.

Captain America's ShieldEdit


Captain America is walking through a top secret United States Military weapons lab. He is informed that he is not allowed in there, so he shoots the guards (they weren't really Americans after all, just Canadian immigrants). He walks past all of the high tech guns and bombs so he can grab a big shield mounted on the wall. Deciding the shield makes him look awesome, he smacks Bucky with the shield and leaves.


The Skull of Unusual RednessEdit


Captain America is exploring a cave with Bucky when he finds what he was looking for. A skull, red in color. Cap walks up to it very carefully. He takes out a sandbag and prepares to make a switch, hoping not to set off the pressure sensitive plate underneath. Then he makes the switch. "Ouch!" the skull yells. "That's my face!" Captain America realizes the skull was actually a man's head. Also, they weren't in a cave or exploring for treasure. They were in the middle of an active warzone. Captain America asks who the man is, and the man begins to explain.

He was once a lowly hotel bellboy. Not just any hotel bellboy, but one that worked at a hotel. One day, Adolf Hitler was staying in one of the hotel's suites. He was yelling at some spy for screwing up. "Nein!" Hitler had said. "You are the worst spy I have ever met! The next man I see gets your job!" Deciding he wanted to be a high ranking Nazi, the man ran up to Hitler. Hitler responded by shooting the man in the foot and then knocking him out. The man woke up two weeks later with an entirely red face. Calling himself the Red Skull, he...

At this point, Captain America gets bored and punches Red Skull in the face.


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