Captain America 7

Captain America #7 is an issue, to say the least. It is also the first appearance of Space Ghost.

Invasion of the Space GhostEdit


Captain America is eating the flesh and bones of Nazis when a huge spaceship touches down in the middle of the battlefield. Out steps Space Ghost, who says he is looking for Captain America. Cap, wanting to maintain the element of surprise, chucks his shield at Space Ghost before he can react. Cap misses completely, but he got his point across. Space Ghost turns to Cap and shoots an energy blast at him. This makes Cap angry, so he bellows a mighty warcry and faceplants because he has a concussion from the energy blast.

After Captain America wakes up, Space Ghost explains that he was seeking Captain America's help to defeat one of his oldest foes: Zorak. Just then, Zorak flies at then. Captain America draws his gun and shoots that sucker in the face. Zorak drops on the spot. "He'll be back," Space Ghost says as he stares at Zorak's lifeless husk. Space Ghost then gives a long speech about the power of teamwork. Cap then hits Space Ghost in the nuts because screw teamwork.


Bucky's Crowning MomentEdit


Bucky Barnes is fighting some random battle in Africa when the Nazis start to shoot at him! Bucky, being about as well trained as a dead raccoon, doesn't know what to do. He tries crying, but that doesn't work. He tries to a dig a hole to hide in, but he's not strong enough. He has a good feeling about the whole crying thing, but it doesn't work the second time either. Just then, a Nazi finds him hiding.

The Nazi raises his gun to shoot Bucky, but Bucky tackles the Nazi and the two just keep punching each other in the face until the Nazi is unconscious. Bucky got a medal for this act (specifically the Purple Heart), and no Nazi ever messed with him for the rest of the day.


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