The crimson chin by eframtrabbit-d31b6eq

Here comes the Crimson Chin!

Here comes the Crimson Chin!

–Crimson Chin, throwing his chin at someone.

The Crimson Chin is a superhero with a chin almost as big as Jay Leno's. By abnormal, we mean it's ridiculously fat. It is worse than a double chin. It's even worse than a triple chin. He can't really do much, but he has a big chin. By the Law of Abnormality, he must be a superhero.

Crimson Chin is the defender of Chincinnati, the home of chins. The Crimson Chin has many forms, some better than others. Despite his incredible braveness, courage, and big chin, the Crimson Chin is an idiot.


Alternate Crimson Chins

Versions of Crimson Chin.

Chin was a famous baseball player. He was always the champion. And also the all-time favorite guy. But as of 1987, he was diagnosed by a very serious condition. His chin is expanding until it was completely huge. He retired to be a baseball player and became a lazy couch potato. 5 years later, he was married to a fair maiden. But she was kidnapped by a bunch of psychopatic robots. He went to Albert Einstein and begged for him to have a superpowers. Einstein approves and gave Chin a serum. Not just any serum, but a serum that could make you a superhero.

His body began to glow and his eyes glowed too. He became a superhero. He can fly, use super lazors and use his extremely big chin to defeat villains. He uses his chin as an advantage of defeating villains.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Super Chin: He uses his chin to beat villains. He also uses it to carry dumbbells whenever he's at the gym.
  • Lazors: His lazors are extremely hot. It is over 9000 degrees and dangerous. He can generate lazors from his eyes.
  • Flying: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Crimson Lame Chin!