Where's my super suit?

Real Name: Lucius Best
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: The Incredibles (Earth One)
Relatives: His Annoying Wife
Gender: Male
Unusual Features: Super Suit
Education: Seven years of detective training
Species: Human
Home: Metroville
Likes: His Super Suit
Dislikes: His Wife
Universe: Earth One
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Lucius Best is a man who would someday like to become a superhero. Unfortunately, he can not find his super suit. He was once a hero called Frozone, but now he's just a lonely little man searching this big world for a super suit.


Back before the Superhero Registration Act, Frozone was a powerful and dangerous superhero, fighting against crime and injustice everywhere. But after he was forced into retirement, he locked up his super suit in a secret compartment. When Syndrome attacked Metroville, he went to his compartment only to find his suit was gone. He needed it for the greater good, but his wife needed it for the "greatest good". Ever since that fateful day, Frozone has been searching in vain for a super suit that simply can not be found.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Frozone Hero

He just can't admit that he'll never find his super suit.


  • Ice Manipulation: Frozone can control ice. I guess you could say that's cool.


  • Fire: Apparently fire can somehow drink the water right out of the air, rendering Frozone useless.


  • Super Suit: Frozone has a super suit, which he loves very much and uses to full effect every day. This suit allows him to hide his secret identity and utilize his powers to their fullest.


  • He needs his super suit.