Go ahead. Challenge him to an arm wrestling match. It'll be fine.

Hulk does not like your face. Hulk will fix it. HULK SMASH!

–Hulk upon seeing an ugly guy

He is the biggest and baddest creature that walks on Earth. He will destroy anything or anyone that gets in his way. He smashes thousands of toilets on any given day. He will sit on you, and you will die. He is undefeated. He is unstoppable. He is The Incredible Hulk, bane of ugly people.


When Dr. Bruce Banner was creating an experiment, he invented a potion. A potion that could make anyone 9000 times stronger. He wanted to test it on some random possum (because nobody likes possums), but then some idiot walked onto the test site and Banner threw himself in the way to save the idiot.

He became a huge green monster and destroys the whole town. He was unstoppable until the Avengers came. They tried to stop Hulk by using sedatives. But it doesn't work, he kept destroying the town.

Basically, he's not really a hero. He is just some villain jerk, but people think he is a hero. He is just a big phony wearing his big purple phony pants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can turn into a green giant dinosaur every time he is angry. Almost all weapons can't kill him including nuke and other explosive powerful weapons because he is so strong.



Hulk on a rampage.

  • The real Hulk was really gay, but then Mr. Fantastic did some experiments on him and he turned straight.
  • Hulk was pink the first time he transformed, but he later turned a variety of other colors, finally ending up green.