Jor-El doing science stuff.

Real Name: Jor-El
AKA: Superman's Dad
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Himself
Relatives: Clark Kent (son)
Superman's Mom (ex-wife)
Gender: Male
Unusual Features: Magical Glowing
Occupation: Scientist
Education: Space School
Species: Kryptonian
Home: Krypton
Likes: Science
Dislikes: Superman's Mom
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Dear son. My name is Jor-El. I am here to tell you about the (stifled laughter) explosion of our planet Krypton (stifled laughter). You are the only survivor. I have left you a suit that you will wear when you conquer whatever world you may land on. Good bye son.

–His message upon sending Superman away

Jor-El is the most renowned scientist in all of Krypton. He is also a deadbeat dad that doesn't care about his son and despises his ex-wife.



Jor-El was going about his day as normal when his wife informed him that she was pregnant. Jor-El thought that was stupid, so he build a rocket and blasted the baby off to another planet. He, along with all of the other Kryptonians, were presumed dead because of the fabricated message he sent with his son.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Kryptonian Powers: Jor-El has all of the powers of a typical Kryptonian. See here for a full list.


  • Science: Jor-El has the ability to science. By sciencing, he can do things like build rockets. We're actually not sure what kind of science he does, but he's definitely good at whatever it is.


  • Laziness: Jor-El is incredibly lazy, opting to blast his own son off into space just to get out of raising a baby.