Martha Kent


Real Name: Martha Kent
AKA: Martha Kent
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Clark Kent
Relatives: Jonathon Kent (ex-husband)
Clark Kent (adoptive son)
Gender: Female
Unusual Features: Wrinkles
Occupation: Farmer
Education: Redneck
Species: Human
Home: Smallville
Likes: Clark Kent
Dislikes: Jonathon Kent
1st Appearance: Superman 2
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Martha Kent is the old senile woman that found baby Kal-El in a field all those years ago. She adopted him, but then due to her husband's wallopin' hand, Clark and Jonathon were both taken away. Martha now lives on her farm in Smallville, waiting for her superpowers to manifest so she can save the day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Farming: Martha Kent is an expert farmer. She can harvest as many as three crops in one day before passing out, which is impressive for an old person.


  • Weakness: Martha Kent is an old lady with no superhuman powers. She's about as weak as you can get.