Mr. Incredible
Mr Incredible

Mr. Incredible working out

Real Name: Robert Parr
AKA: The Cat Catcher
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: The Incredibles
Relatives: Helen Parr (wife), Violet Parr (daughter), Dash Parr (son), Jack-Jack Parr (son)
Gender: Male
Unusual Features: His belly
Occupation: Unemployed (it's hard to find a job when you threw your last boss through a wall)
Education: Minimal
Species: Human
Home: Metroville
Likes: Being a hero
Dislikes: His nagging wife
Universe: Earth One
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No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved! You know?! For a little bit. I feel like the maid! 'I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for, for 10 minutes?! Please?!'

–The beginning of Mr. Incredible's mid-life crisis

Mr. Incredible is a middle aged man that hates his life, a notable superhero has-been, and the current leader of The Incredibles.


Pre-Regestration ActEdit

Mr. Incredible started out as a small-time superhero in downtown Metroville. Then one day, he got his big break when he rescued a cat from a tree. He became known as the "Cat Catcher", and ventured all around Metroville rescuing cats from trees. He did some other stuff too, but mostly the cat thing. Eventually he got bored and decided he wanted to "see some action", so he got married to Elastigirl.

In HidingEdit

Shortly after his marriage, Mr. Incredible realized he was actually a pathetic human being that caused considerable collateral damage to everyone and everything around him. He got sued a bunch of times and the government, tired of his crap, passed the Superhero Registration Act and Mr. Incredible was forced to go into hiding.

This did not last long, however, for Mr. Incredible had a tendency to blatantly violate the law. As a non-superhero, he spent his time breaking into jewelery stores, burning down buildings, and throwing mildly annoying people through walls. This caught the attention of Syndrome, who sought out to trick Mr. Incredible with the Omnidroid because of a petty rivalry from fifteen years ago. Eventually Mr. Incredible saved the day and he was allowed to be a superhero again because the government just stopped caring.


Mr Incredible Happy

Mr. Incredible displaying his emotional spectrum

Mr. Incredible is a stubborn and headstrong fat guy who secretly thinks he's inferior to everyone else. He's right. Mr. Incredible suffers from severe abandonment issues and displays minor sociopathic tendencies. He is also very violent, often hurting innocent people under the guise of trying to help them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman Strength: Mr. Incredible is most well known for being really strong. Among other things, he can rip a tree out of the ground and fling a cat several miles away.
  • Superhuman Durability: Mr. Incredible can take quite a beating, which has come in handy numerous times. Most notably, he was unharmed when the idiot jumped in front of a moving train.


  • Desperate Need to Prove He's Not a Complete Loser: Mr. Incredible suffers from a crippling inferiority complex, needing to perform great acts of heroism just so he can claim he's not a complete loser.