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Damian Wayne Robin is the title held by the abused children (usually kidnapped) of Batman. There have been many Robins over the years, as they all seem to get tired of Batman's crap pretty quickly. Whoever holds the title of Robin gets to be the leader of the Teen Titans, but also gets to be Batman's personal punching bag.

There have been numerous Robins, but only five of them are important. The first robin was Dick Grayson. He was adopted by Batman after his circus family was brutally murdered. The second Robin, Jason Todd, was some delinquent that Batman liked to beat. Tim Drake was the third Robin, and arguably the most important one as he was the only one that wasn't a complete turd. Stephanie Brown wasn't an important Robin at all, but Batman had to have more female characters or he would get sued for discrimination. Once the lawyers were happy, Batman got busy with Huntress and Damian Wayne became the real Robin.


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