Superman 1

Superman #1 is the first comic book in the Superman comic book series. It featured the debut of Superman as the very first superhero ever. This comic book kickstarted the superhero genre, making it the worst book ever written. Only one copy still exists to this day.

Baby's First RocketEdit


Jor-El has just had a son. But there is a slight problem. He doesn't want a son. He spends seven whole pages arguing with his wife about it, and he ends up sleeping on the couch that night. Deciding a son would be too much work, he builds a rocket (because that requires no work at all), and blasts the baby off of Krypton off to a far away planet never to be seen again.

However, Jor-El is not stupid. He realizes the baby my question his heritage, so he leaves behind a message. It goes something like this:

Dear son. My name is Jor-El. I am here to tell you about the (stifled laughter)
explosion of our planet Krypton (stifled laughter). You are the only survivor.
I have left you a suit that you will wear when you conquer whatever world you 
may land on. Good bye son.


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