Superman 11

Office workers everywhere cringe in horror.

Superman #11 is an insult to people everywhere. It is also the eleventh comic book in the Superman comic book series.

Superman vs SupermanEdit


Clark Kent is walking through his house when suddenly, he sees movement out of the corner of his eye. He uses his super speed to hurry and hide under his bed. He hides under there for half an hour before realizing he is an all powerful god. He climbs back out, and he looks around the house. He sees the movement again! He walks up to it, and realizes that he is looking at some ugly guy standing in his house. After staring for another ten minutes, his pathetic little brain makes the connection that it's him!

Concluding it must be some sort of clone, Superman punches it as hard as he can! But the clone punches back, and their fists meet in midair. The shockwave causes the clone to shatter. Superman then realizes he broke his own mirror.


Beware the CubicleEdit


Clark heads over to the Daily Planet and sits in his cubicle. Perry White tells him that his cubicle has become a health code violation. Clark asks what's wrong with it. Clark's boss then informs him that the cubicle has three months-worth of rotted food, has piles of garbage three feet tall, a family of rats, a dead body, and enough radioactive waste to kill The Hulk. Clark says it's not that big of a deal. Perry tells Clark to fix it or he's fired.

Clark goes back to his video game, but then he hears someone whisper to him. He turns around and shoots a laser at the person, only to realize there's nobody there. The cubicle is talking to him! It begins to lecture him on how to keep a cubicle clean. Clark punches the cubicle so hard, the entire Daily Planet building collapses. Somehow, nobody was hurt. When I say that, I mean lots of people were hurt.


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