Superman 13

I wish I had a friend like that.

Superman 13 is a comic book in the Superman line of comic books. Since 13 is an unlucky number, you can expect this comic book to be bad. You can also expect all Superman comic books to be bad. You can also expect all comic books in general to be bad.

Brain vs BrawnEdit


Lex Luthor notices that Brainiac is out to get Superman. He calls a meeting with Brainiac. Brainiac arrives, and blows up LexCorp. Luthor later invites Brainiac to dinner, saying they got off on the wrong foot. Thinking that Luthor was asking him on a date, Brainiac put on his best suit, and then blew up the restaurant Luthor was in.

Superman saves Luthor in time (notice that the comic wants you to forget about everyone else in the restaurant), and he assumes that Luthor and Brainiac have teamed up. He beats up both of them and then delivers the moral of the story:

It doesn't matter how smart you are. The guy who can punch stuff good will win in the end.


A New Guy in TownEdit


Clark goes to work one morning only to find that the name on his stall had changed. It used to say "Clark Kent", but now it says "Jimmy Olsen". Clark decides that he must have got his name changed while he was drunk last night and rolls with it. He spends most of the day introducing himself as Jimmy. But then some stupid kid goes into his stall as if it were his own!

"Jimmy" goes to talk to the kid only to find that the kid's name is Jimmy Olsen. Stupid Jimmy thinks it's funny that he and New Jimmy have the same name. New Jimmy then explains to Stupid Jimmy that Stupid Jimmy is still Clark Kent, and New Jimmy is the only Jimmy. Furthermore, Stupid Jimmy (or "Clark" as everyone seems to call him) was fired for being the worst employee ever. Of all time. Clark punches Jimmy Olsen in the face and takes his job back.


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