Superman 15

Superman's monkey friend

Superman 15 is the best Superman comic book ever made. It is the best because Superman gets beat up in it.

Clone of SteelEdit


Superman is at karaoke night and is about to sing when suddenly, explosions! Superman investigates, and finds that the destruction is being caused by... Superman? Except he's even uglier and stupider. Lex Luthor walks up and begins a seven page monologue about the clone he has created: Bizarro. While Luthor is explaining, Superman begins an epic fight with Bizarro.

The two fly up into the air while repeatedly punching each other. They punch each other for three days before they start to get tired. They shoot lasers at each other for a while, but then they are both so tired they fall asleep. Superman wakes up the next morning, takes Bizarro's sleeping body, and throws it into the sun. He then flies back to where Lex Luthor was. Luthor was still giving his monologue, having never realized that Superman left. Superman punched Luthor in the face, and declared the city safe once again.


Going to the ZooEdit


Clark Kent decides he's going to take his kids to the zoo. He finds some random kids off the street, and takes them to the zoo. He decides they need a better look at the animals, so he punches open the exhibits and lets all of the animals out. The animals attack innocent bystanders while the kids cheer. Clark thinks about stopping the animals, but the kids seem to be having fun. Then the animals run away, to live happily ever after.


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