Superman 16

Superman #16 is proof that we're going to be stuck with this stupid comic series for a long time. It is also the 16th comic book featuring Superman.

Superman vs. The Giant Super Evil Robot of DeathEdit


Superman is flying to the tune of Miley Cirus' "Wrecking Ball" (despite the fact that this comic was written about 70 years before that song). Then suddenly, a giant robot punches him in the face! Thinking that he's dreaming, he pinches himself. As he is a super powerful indestructible alien Jesus, he doesn't feel the pinch. This confirms that he is dreaming. He concludes that he has to die to wake up.

Meanwhile, the robot is destroying all of Metropolis. It decides that the Daily Planet building looks kinda like a really misshapen metal lollipop, so he starts licking it. Lois Lane sees this, thinks the robot must know best, and starts licking the building as well. Soon everyone in Metropolis is licking the Daily Planet building.

About 100 miles above them, Superman is floating in the air, staring at the Earth. Then suddenly, he throws himself downwards as far as he can. Hoping the impact will kill dream-him and wake up real-him, he shoots to the ground at the speed of light. He lands on the Daily Planet building, destroying it and seriously injuring everyone in Metropolis. But he defeated the robot, so everyone likes him anyways.


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