Superman 19

A completely unique comic cover.

Superman #19 is the comic book that comes after Superman 18, so go read that one first.

Wrath of Darkseid: Part 2Edit


After Darkseid's diplomatic mission to Earth, Superman has challenged Darkseid to a fight. Darkseid responded by tossing him into the sun. Superman hits the sun, and instantly becomes super powerful because he drinks the sun's blood to get his powers or something. Superman flies back down at top speed, heading right for Darkseid. Darkseid just rolls his eyes and takes one step to the right.

Superman crashes into the ground. He begins to cry because that "really hurt, you jerk!" Darkseid gives Superman one last chance to stop being a complete asshole. Superman, always the boy scout, rips the biggest fart ever right in Darkseid's face. Darkseid is disgusted by the lack of sophistication on Earth (not to mention the smell). Darkseid attempts to get back into his ship and fly away, but realizes that Superman went ahead and donated the ship to "Kids that Can't Afford Spaceships". Darkseid, tired of Superman's crap, declares that he is going to conquer the Earth and set these primitive creatures straight.

To be continued...


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