Superman 20

Darkseid's Wrath

Superman #20 is the thrilling conclusion to the "Wrath of Darkseid" storyarc. It it also a waste of space, but that's neither here nor there.

Wrath of Darkseid: Part 3Edit


Darkseid has just declared that he is going to take over the Earth. Superman just starts laughing. He laughs so hard that he can't even keep his balance. He falls over, rolling on the ground, laughing like a hyena on drugs. Darkseid, angry that he is not being taken seriously, shoots a huge laser the completely demolishes a skyscraper. Superman is very protective of his city, so he did not take kindly to this.

"No!" Superman shouted. "Only I can destroy my city!" Superman then shot a laser from his eyes and cut down another building. The hours that followed basically amounted to a superhuman pissing contest. By the time they were done, every building in Metropolis had been pissed on (and destroyed too). Darkseid had destroyed Superman's city, and Superman wasn't going to tolerate that. Since Superman is actually Jesus, he unleashed all of his power on Darkseid in what is now called by historians as "The Great Ass Kicking of Metropolis". Darkseid was eventually pulled into the atmosphere by Superman, and thrown into space. He was never seen again.



  • Darkseid came back not five minutes later to get his revenge. Superman beat him up again.
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