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Real Name: Buddy Pine
AKA: Incrediboy
Alignment: Evil
Gender: Male
Unusual Features: Awesome hair
Occupation: Supervillain
Education: Homeschooled
Species: Human
Home: Metroville
Likes: Technology
Dislikes: People who are better than him
Universe: Earth One
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What have we here? Matching uniforms? Oh no. Elastigirl? You married Elastigirl?! And got busy!

–Syndrome being a pervert.

Syndrome is what happens when you tell a small child that he's not special. As he was born without powers, Syndrome was forced to cope with the fact that he was completely normal. At first he tried to compensate, but after a single rejection he completely went over the edge and murdered a whole bunch of people.




Syndrome as Incrediboy

Buddy Pine's unhealthy obsession with superheroes began early in his life when he watched a cartoon about Mr. Incredible. While his therapist warned him against it, Buddy fashioned his own costume and started stalking Mr. Incredible. When Buddy finally made contact with his hero, he was kicked out of the car, severely scolded, and strapped to a bomb. Somehow, Buddy took this to mean that he should become a supervillain.


Buddy spent the next several years crafting his identity as Syndrome. He started by designing a huge robot called the Omnidroid (because who doesn't love huge robots). He then hired Mirage to go around the world tracking down superheroes, and luring them to Nomanisan Island, where they were then sliced into a million bloody pieces! After the robot was perfected, Mirage brought Mr. Incredible to the island.

After making some minor changes to make the robot Incredible-proof, Syndrome revealed himself as the guy who made a giant robot. Mr. Incredible was unimpressed, so Syndrome through him down a waterfall and tossed a bomb at him. Syndrome then realized that his childhood hero was dead and he had no meaning in life. At this point he decided "screw it", and began to unleash havoc on the city. But then The Incredibles emerged and defeated the robot.

Syndrome was later eaten by an airplane while stealing a baby.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • LOL


Syndrome Dancing

Syndrome dancing

  • Scientific Prowess: Syndrome is a huge engineering nerd that can make cool gadgets. He's basically Batman, except he can't fight and he's not cool.
  • Dance: Syndrome is secretly in love with the art of dance. When nobody is around, Syndrome will bust out his moves.


  • Arrogance: Syndrome believes himself to be better than supers. This often results in him getting beat up by supers.
  • Cape: Syndrome has a cape, which some believe to be the stupidest thing you could possibly do.



  • Syndrome is the reason that we insist all kids are special, even though most of them are little snotbags.
  • Syndrome's name comes from the fact that he has various syndromes that mess with his head. Maybe that has something to do with why he killed a bunch of people.