Welcome to the UnSuper Wiki!

Hello young UnHero. I'm sure you're wondering why you have been summoned here. The task is simple. Destroy the reputation of every superhero that has ever lived. Everyone from the mighty Superman to the not so mighty Dazzler; none will survive our onslaught of misinformation and white lies. With your help, we can rid the world of superheroes forever!

News and Announcements

  • This wiki has been created. Superheroes everywhere are cowering in fear.


  • UnAnything Wiki: The UnAnything Wiki is what you get when you mix video games, internet memes, and pop culture, and then a bunch of idiots try to document the universe it all happens in.
  • UnMario Wiki: The UnMario parody wiki.
  • WikiForDummies: An encyclopedia to make people dumb.
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