Well, someone is having fun!

Wolverine is the best at what he does, and what he does is rip the guts right out of you. But they had to keep it PG, so it doesn't show that part. Wolverine is the baddest of the bad. He'll slice you up for looking at him funny. He's a lone wolf (that spends most of his time with the X-Men). He is the ultimate anti-hero (except for Batman).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman Senses: Wolverine's most iconic ability by far is his ability to smell people from really far away. Whenever little kids play Wolverine, the first thing they say is "I'm Wolverine and I can smell you!"
  • Super Strength: Despite the fact that he has human muscles that tear just as easily as anyone else's, Wolverine's metal bones make him much stronger than the average man.
  • Bone Claws: A little known fact about Wolverine is the fact that he has six blades concealed in his forearm, made entirely out of bone. He claims he was born with them, but in reality he put them in there himself because he thought they looked cool.
  • Healing Factor: Wolverine has the ability to heal himself really quickly. When someone tries to cut off various body parts, they all grow back. While the parts grow back, Wolverine usually picks up whatever got cut off, and beats the attacker with his parts.


  • Master Swordsman: Despite the fact that he has six indestructible blades built in to his body, Wolverine insists on learning how to use swords. He can now flail around a fragile metal stick instead of using his deathclaws.
  • Eating Abilities: Wolverine has won many eating contests because he is really good at eating. Some say it is because of his animal instincts. Others think it is because he's just fat.
  • Multilangual: Being the social guy that he is, Wolverine has taken it upon himself to learn every language in history.


  • Overdeveloped Senses: Wolverine's super-senses leave him vulnerable to attacks such as bright lights, eating cheese, and yelling loudly.
  • Adimantium Poisoning: You know that metal stuff in him making him super powerful? Yeah, it's slowly killing him too.